Want unprecedented visibility into
your transaction and system graphs?
  • Connect to Splunk, Spark, and more
  • Instantly explore million node graphs
  • Analyze visually and programmatically
  • Share results and embed live web views
  • Run on your cloud or ours
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Early Full-Time Employees & Internships

What did 5 Berkeley PhDs and GPU hackers do last month?

  • Cracked a Twitter botnet
  • Built histogram brushing
  • Visualized all known proteins
  • GPU accelerated edge bundling
Fig: 608,358 connections between 56,430 proteins
Information Design Lead

Your visual and interactive designs will enable analysts to explore, understand, and enjoy data that was previously out of reach. This will push you more than traditional consumer or dashboarding software.

Useful related skills may include aesthetics, math, product design, and programming.

Graphics Engineer

You'll scale interactions with previously infeasibly big visualizations by leveraging GPUs in the cloud (NodeJS+OpenCL) and the client (JS+WebGL).

Useful related background may include experience with OpenGL, game engine design, multicore & SIMD, GIS, statistics, and design.

Frontend/Fullstack Lead

You'll help architect and build out data science workflows. These include client/cloud programming, frontend development, and big data platform integration.

We're heavy node enthusiasts (underscore, rxjs, backbone, d3), and hope you'll bring in your own preferred stacks.


Pursuing a BS/BA, MS/MFA, or PhD and curious about startups and visual analytics? We're looking for motivated designers and engineers.

You'll work with your mentor and the CEO to define your own project. Projects may span those in the other postings, as well as GPU cloud computing, core software infrastructure, data analysis, and story telling.

Please email build@graphistry.com
with your portfolio/CV and what you're most proud of creating.
We're looking forward to meeting you!
Experience Downtown Oakland
Startup neighbors, pop-ups, and attitude.

Right above 12th St. BART, 11 floors up:
12 min ride to SF, 10 min to Berkeley.

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